Maharishi Samadhi Smarak

The Mandaps of Knowledge
A giant Vedic Gate will greet pilgrims and visitors, situated at the beginning of a 200 meter connecting, raised, pilgrimage pathway leading to the Smarak (memorial of knowledge). On the right and left of this road will be 8 Mandaps (halls of knowledge) displaying and illustrating Maharishi’s supreme knowledge in exhibitions and electronic displays, similar to what is planned for the 12-story Tower of Invincibility.


A most renowned and distinguished Sthapati architect has made a beautiful design of a grand square Mahamandap hall, to be placed exactly above and around the position of the original Samadhi altar.

On the outside the fully carved and beautifully ornamented hall will be made of yellow Jaisalmer stone, but inside, the floor, pillars and ceilings will be of pure white Makrana marble.

In the centre, above the Samadhi altar, will be a high, white marble, ornamented dome, about 12’ in diameter.


The Smarak will be landscaped all around, on a mountain of flowers with beautiful terraced gardens.